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Bioresonance gadgets have become popular amid pandemics Rome

Third generation equipment detects a frequency pulse originating from a newborn cell.
Using this data and very sophisticated software, cells can tell a lot about your body.
A bioresonance apparatus is used to scan the body life expert profi. Analyzing your bioresonance will reveal hidden connections underlying poor health.

Analyzing your bioresonance will reveal hidden connections underlying poor health

the device «Life Balance» is designed to effectively fight parasites, cleanse the body of toxins and prevent many diseases.
With the help of electromagnetic waves, which in their frequency coincide with the natural oscillations of microorganisms, “Life Balance” acts on pathogenic microorganisms in our body and destroys them, intensifying these oscillations.

the frequency of vital activity of parasites does not intersect with the frequency of human activity. “Life balance” is completely safe for the human body and affects only parasites, and its use has no age restrictions.

The WebWellness program consists of two devices Life Balance and Life Expert, which work in combination and allow you to monitor the state of your body every day:

perform express scanning in the morning and evening and immediately compose an individual complex that protects you from viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites , to harmonize and restore immunity.

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