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By 2024, the Digital Health market will grow by 70% to $ 600 billion.

Venture investments in Digital Health in the world in 2021 set a record, having increased by 90% in the first half of the year. the average check of transactions and the number of mega-rounds ($ 100 + million) are increasing, 38 new unicorn companies appeared in 2021.

🔺 Telemedicine is one of the Digital Health record holders in terms of growth rates: + 133% in the 1st half of 2021 compared to the same period last year


прибор лайф баланс и лайф эксперт

Life balance device works on bioresonance frequencies. Effective for parasitic invasion, viruses, fungi.

It is purchased with the device life expert pro — for car complexes without the presence of a doctor.

All microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, protozoa, helminths) and all health problems have their own electromagnetic frequency.

This frequency can be sensed by a device connected to the patient’s body. The device can successfully scan all causes of health problems with 98% accuracy. What is difficult to achieve with other diagnostic methods.

The device life balance and tester life expert can be purchased in the States from the nearest show room when booking an order through our website

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Life Balance device allows: with the help of electromagnetic waves, which in their frequency coincide with the natural oscillations of microorganisms, to influence pathogenic microorganisms in our body and destroy them, increasing these oscillations; use 600 programs or create an individual program using software containing more than 5000 programs; receive an automatic complex every day using the WebWellness program.

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A compensation plan is the Company funds distribution system aimed at remuneration of business partners for increase of the Company sales volume. The compensation plan provides payment of commission for personal sales of products and services promoted through the Company and for turnover generated through referrals

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·         Affiliates register themselves in the Company and create business cells.

·         Every affiliate can have one or several business cells in the structure, but only in the downline group of their referral partner, in one of two sub-trees. The affiliate cannot create business cells in different legs of the referral partner or in the legs of different referral partners. Cells, which are not in compliance with the above mentioned rule, will be deleted from the system.

·         Commission terms and amount depend on the status of the member and fulfillment of the compensation plan conditions by him/her. The conditions may be changed as the Company decides, with obligatory notification of affiliates by any of the following means: via news posted on the official website, on the Company event, by email etc.

·         Business Process Technologies has a pre-registration system for new affiliates for 30 calendar days. It means that any person can register and create a business cell. If he/she does not purchase the Company goods for 7 calendar days, the business cell will be cancelled.

·         The affiliate’s business cell will be deleted from the affiliate program:

— If the affiliate creates business cells in different legs of the referral partner or in legs of different referral partners (The status of an Affiliate is awarded after purchasing one or more units of the Company goods for a certain number of points. Before the first purchase, the client has the right to choose a sponsor from those who has held business presentations